Forming Techniques

This document covers:

  • Blow Moulding
  • Injection Moulding
  • Vacuum Forming

Also Advantages, Disadvantages, Polymers Used and Applications For Each!

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Forming Techniques
Process Advantages Disadvantages Polymers Used Applications
Blow Moulding Intricate shapes can High initial set up HDPE Plastic Bottles
be formed costs as mould is LDPE Containers
Can produce hollow expensive to PET
shapes with thin walls develop and PP
to reduce weight and produce PS
material costs. PVS
Ideal for batch
Injection Moulding Ideal for mass High initial set up Nylon Castings for electronic
production (low unit costs as mould is ABS devices
costs for each expensive to PS Containers for storage
moulding for high develop and HDPE
volumes) produce PP
Precision moulding
(high quality surface
finish or texture can
be added)
Vacuum Forming Ideal for batch Mould needs to Acrylix Chocolate box trays
production be accurate to HOPS Yogurt Pots
(inexpensive) prevent webbing PVC Blister Packs
Relatively easy to from occurring.
make moulds that can Large amounts of
be modified waste material

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