Mistakes in sounding words

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Adding an extra vowel sound to create a CVCV structure horse because horsey dog becomes doggie

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Leaving out the last consonant of a word, so a word like mouse becomes mou cat would become ca pig would be pi

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The repetition of particular sounds and structures choochoo weewee

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One sound is swapped for another, easier sound rabbit becomes wabbit sing becomes ting

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Constant cluster reduction

Children find it difficult to produce consonant clusters - groups of two or more consonants - so will reduce them to smaller units dry becomes dai frog becomes fog

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Deletion of unstressed syllables

The removal of an entire unstressed syllable from a word banana becomes nana pyjamas because jamas protending becomes tending

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The process in which substitution occures but the sound changes because of other sounds around it e.g a sound is substituted with one that is closer to others in the word so it is easier pronounce

doggie becomes goggie

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