Medicine Through Time: Answer Structure

Simple guidelines on how to answer section one of the Medicine Through Time History GCSE paper. 

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Question 1A

1a) 4 marks

  • describe the source
  • place source in context (what time period?)
  • make inference (2 marks) and explain (3 marks)
  • prove it, provide supporting evidence (own knowledge).
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Question 1B

1b) normally two sources.. 6 marks

  • describe both sources
  • place sources in context
  • make inferences 
  • prove it (own knowledge)
  • state differences between the sources.
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Question 1C

1c) 8 marks

  • describe sources
  • put sources in context
  • make inferences
  • prove it.
  • explain why sources are different i.e time period, author, place (TAP).
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Question 1D

1d) 8 marks

  • refer to all sources
  • give at least 3 factors on the subject and explain
  • state the importance of each factor and/or summarize the factors.
  • (for top marks you must make links between the factors).
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