Media Websites (Music)

People who are studying music magazines as part of the Media Studies WJEC GCSE exam.

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Key Words

Home Page - The front page of the website

Domain Name - The name that identifies the website

Navigation Bar - A set of links that help to guide you around the site

Hyperlink - A word, image or phrase that, when clicked, opens a new page

Banner Ads - Advertisements that appear at the top or side of the page

Thumbnail - A small version of a larger image

Video Clip - A video that can be embedded into a website

Scroll-line - The part of the page visible to the user without scrolling down

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Dyer's Theory

The Star as Construction

The image of the star has been created and marketed by people within the music industry. This is through advertisement on TV, radio etc. The construction of a star creates a USP (Unique Star Persona)

The Star as Commodity

Every signed artist and band is there to make money for their label. They invest in research to find the tastes of the target audience. The stars are sold and constructed to meet audience demand.

The Star as Ideology

Every band or star represents acertain set of values and beliefs that could relate to or influence their audiences own. E.g. Beyonce represents 'girl power'.

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Sometimes it's just best to leave promotion to a follower bot. Getting real fans is as simple as that.

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