File/folder organisation

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File/folder organisation

Management and organisation of files and folders:

Need to be able to move, delete, copy, rename files and folders.

Implications of very large files:

Graphic, music, photographic and video files can be extremely large. This creates the following problems:

  • Take up a lot of space on the storage media
  • Take a long time to copy
  • Download time when they are downloaded off the Internet is long
  • Their upload time is long
  • File transfer time is long


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Encoding data:

ENCODING: putting information/data into a specified format that allows effective transmission or storage by an ICT system. This normally involves digitalising the information.

  • Suitable format is used to reduce the file size and make it easy to enter the data into other software packages
  • helps retrieve data
  • opposite of encoding is decoding where the coded information is changed back into its original form

Examples of decoding:

  • ASCII - code for representing characters in binary

Reasons for encoding:

  • To compress data - occupy less space on a storage device and makes it faster to sent to another computer over a network
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  • To enable a file produced in one software package to be read by someone who does not have that software package available on their computer

Encoding image files:

Image files are encoded - image is represented in a certain way when it is stored

Encoding sound files:

Requires a lot of storage space

Encoding video files:

Video files are very large so they are compressed and encoded so that they do not take as long to download and take up less space when stored on a computer

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