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Aerial Shot (or Crane)

A view from directly overhead to afford a clear view - Sometimes used to emphasize the spectacle. The Crane shot is usually necessary to achieve this (Sometimes called a bird's eye shot).

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Canted Angle

A shot which is tilted to one side. This is often used to create a feeling of disorientation.

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Close up (And Variations)

Close ups, including extreme, big and medium close ups, are used to draw the viewer closer and to involve them in what is happening; they also used to observe reactions and emotions, such is happiness, elation or tension. These shot often used to privilege the protagonist over the characters and positions the audience with him or her.

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Crab Shot

A type of shot which involves the camera being placed in a confined space. E.g. A shot taken from inside a cupboard is the subject opens the cupboard door. 

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Crane Shot (Or Aerial)

A type of shot in which a camera is positioned on a specially designed crane, which can be raised and lowered and will. A crane shot is a high angle shot but the versatility of the equipment allows a director to start a shot from a high angle and then swoop down toward the subject at ground level.

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