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Kobe - Japan

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Details About The Earthquake

Kobe Earthquake


Date:  17th January 1995 (5:46am)


Location: Kobe city, Japan


Magnitude: 7.2

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Causes Of The Earthquake

Cause: A release of pressure built up from the destructive plate boundaries between the Philippine plate and the Eurasion plate, the Philippine plate and the Pacific plate and a collision boundary between the Pacfic plate and the Eurasion plate

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Impacts Of The Earthquake

Primary Impacts:

  • 5,390 people died and 23,600 injured
  • 180,000 buildings destroyed
  • Trains and buses thrown off of tracks/roads
  • People trapped in collapsed buildings


Secondary Impacts:

  • 500 metre wall of flame from gas leaks
  • $(US) 9 billion damages
  • 230,000 homeless in winter
  • No disposal of bodies
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Responses To The Earthquake

  • Money spent on research into earthquake prediction
  • Buildings specially built to withstand earthquakes
  • Education for the whole population
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