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DESTRUCTIVE: where a oceanic and continental plate meet. The
denser (oceanic) is forced down into the mantle and destroyed!
CONSTRUCTIVE: where two plates are moving away form
each other. Magma rises from the mantle, then cools creating
PASSIVE/CONSERVATIVE: where two plates are moving
sideways past each other or in the same direction but at
different speeds! Crust ISNT created or destroyed, but
EARTHQUAKES are common…read more

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They are found at
plate margins!
Three types:
1.Composite Volcano.
2.Shield Volcano.
3.Dome Volcano.…read more

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Pyroclastic Flows - A cloud of red hot gas and ash
which flows down the side of a volcano at 200km/hr
Lahars - A mixture of ash with rain or glacier melt
water which forms a deadly river of mud
Lava Flow - A river of molten rock 1000 degrees
centigrade that can travel at 40mph
Ash Fall - Millions of tons of ash can bury buildings,
roads etc.
Volcanic bombs - Rocks and lava the size of houses
and cars can be hurled into the sky…read more

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Measures the amount of
energy released by an earthquake
· Magnitude is measured using a
· It doesn't have a upper limit,
each value up is ten times as
powerful!…read more

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This measures the
effect of an
earthquake. Using
eye witnesses for
observations of what
happened in form of
words or photos!…read more

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