Measuring and Recording Crime Key Words

Measuring and Recording Crime Key Words

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Official crime statistics - the way crime is officially measured, based on statistics collected by the Home Office

Victim Surveys - surveys of the public which ask them to report crimes they have experienced, whether or not they have reported them

Self Report Study - surveys of the population which ask them to confess to crime they have committed but for which they have not been caught

Reported crime - crime that is reported to the police. Not all crime is reported

Recorded crime - crime that is recorded by the police. Not all reported crime is recorded

Validity - data is valid if it gives a true picture of what is being studied

Dark figure of crime - a large amount of criminal activity never appears in the crime statistics

British Crime Survey (BCS) -a victim survey conducted annually be a team of researchers from the Home Office. They measure the amount of crime in England and Wales by asking people about crimes they have experienced in the last year

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