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Tourism in Jamaica

Jamaica is one of the Carribean's main tourist destination and has over 1 million tourists a year, however there is increasing competition with the other islands.

  • Tourism is the country's second bigger earner with 220,000 (8% of the population) Jamaicans employed in this sector
  • Other businesses - such as hotel suppliers and food producers also depend on tourism

Jamaica has a lot to offer tourists, such as:

  • Watersports
  • Wildlife sancturies
  • Golf
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Community Tourism

Recently, there has been a growth in community tourism

  • Local people have tourists stay in their village and home as a part of their visit to Jamaica
  • Families provide bed and breakfast accommodation and other local businesses, such as restaurants and bars supply the tourists' other needs
  • This style of holiday provides a greater interaction between tourists and locals, so they have a clearer idea of local life
  • Its also means that it supports local businesses and uses fewer resources 
  • Money goes directly to locals, rather than large international businesses
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Maintaining Tourism

Jamaica needs to maintain its resources available for tourists

  • Some companies offer ecotourism, which is become increasingly popular
  • This uses the inland area (e.g. the mountains) as well as the coast
  • There are more nature reserves and eco-lodges
  • In areas of ecotourism, there tourist density is low, meaning there is less pressure on the environment
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If you would like this information with diagrams and a table on Jamaican tourism fact file, 2001, buy the GCSE AQA Geography text book by Judith Canavan, Alison Rae and Simon Ross. Publisher: Nelson Thornes.

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