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Case Study:The Niigata
By Steph…read more

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Japan suffered a
series of powerful
earthquakes on the
23rd of October 2004
· Japan is no stranger
to earthquakes
however these were
some of the most
powerful in the past
10 years.…read more

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Three major earthquakes occurred in the region
Niigata in northwest Japan
· They took place within minutes of each other
· The first, the most powerful, reached 6.8 on the
Richter scale
· The earthquakes were followed by around 300
aftershocks.…read more

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Japan is found on the
boundary between the
Eurasian plate and the
Phillipine plate
· The Philippine plate is
forced underneath the
Eurasion forming a
destruvtive plate boundary
· The plates can often get
stuck whilst moving so as
tension is released
earthquakes are caused.…read more

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