Location of industry: MEDC- UK

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Location of industry: MEDC- Uk

LINCOLNSHIRE and EAST ANGLIA-Farming arable (crops). Land flat and fertile. Climate is mild too.

Further WEST more dairy farms. As its wetter the grass grows better.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE and SOUTH WALES still the odd coal mine operating. Many factories e.g. steel (secondary - manufacturing) locating in the same area to exploit the raw material.

NORTH EAST- Secondary industry such as chemical processing, as it is close to off shore oil rigs, the vital raw material.

NORTH WEST- industry like Jaguar has built a factory at Halewood after receiving a £50 million government grant.

Tertiary and quaternary industries dominate (75% of all employment) the UK now.

CUMBRIA (LAKE DISTRICT), DEVON AND CORNWALL- TOURISM because of the stunning scenery.

LONDON- Retail. The factors that encourage this are lots of customers and great public transport.

Quaternary industry- footloose. Grow up along main communication routes. Access to raw materials is relatively unimportant nowadays.

The M4 CORRIDOR stretches from HEATHROW airport in the EAST to BATH and BRISTOL in the WEST. Attracts industry because the motorway system allows easy access via the roads to all parts of the UK, the Channel Tunnel, ports and major airports e.g. Gatwick and Heathrow to allow export abroad.

-companies such as Hewlett Packard and Sony involved in research and development have links with universities who provide well-qualified graduates and skilled workforce.

Employees want a pleasant place to live.

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