Employment around the world

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NIC - Newly Industrilised Country

LEDC - Less Economicaly Developed Country

MEDC - More Economicaly Developed Country

Formal Employment - regular hours, regular wadges, an agreed contract and mustpay tax 

Informal Employment - cash in hand, not a regular income source, doesn't pay tax and includes illegal activity 

Primary Employment - exracting raw materials 

Secondary Employment - processing and manufacturing raw materials 

Tertiary Employment - Providing services to industries/custormers

Quaternary Employment - Knowledge based such as IT develpoment and Reseach 

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Employment Facts

3 countries that have a large % of primary employment are:

1) Kenya 2) India 3) Bangledesh 

3 countries that have a large % of secondary employment are:

1) Italy 2) France 3) UK

3 countries that have a large % of tertiary employment are:

1) Mexico 2) USA 3) Japan

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Example of an LEDC

Nepal is an LECD as it has:

  • High Primary Employment that are more subsistence than comercial
  • Little Manufacturing 
  • Large informal employment in cities 
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Example of an NIC

Brazil is a NIC as it has:

  • Strong Secondary Employment 
  • Many Multi- National Companies locate in these countries such as Nokia 
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Example of an MEDC

The USA is a MEDC as it has:

  • Mechanised Farming
  • Automated manufacturing
  • large number employed in heath, education or leisure 
  • more jobs in Quaternary
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