Lexis (CLA)

Revision cards about lexis acquistion, with theorists.

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First Words

  • First words are at approx. 12mths
  • Will already have undergone phonemic contraction.
  • Initially will use proto-words - an invented word used with a cnsistent meaning, effective with those close to the child, but less effective with other (forcing the child to learn the language in order to communicate) 
  • Need to learnt the semantics at the same time.
  • Holophrases - single words expressing a whole idea - develop alongside or after proto-words. 
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Rate of Lexical Development

  • 12mths - 50 words
  • 24 mths - 200 words
  • 36 mths - 2000 words 

(All approximations)

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Early Vocabulary

  • Largely contains 'content words' - words which have an independent dictionary definition.
  • 'Function words' will develop later - words which express a grammatical relationship. They are more complex for a child to understand and use correctly.
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Katherine Nelson 1973

  • Identified 4 categories for first words. 
      • Nouns (for things or people) 60%
      • Actions/events
      • Describing/modifying things
      • Personal/social words 8%
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