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Cyclone Sidr - Bangladesh

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Details About The Tropical Storm

Cyclone Sidr - Bangladesh


Date: 9th - 15th November 2007


Location: Developed in the Bay of Bengal


Category: 4

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Impacts Of The Tropical Storm

Primary Impacts:

  • 2,000-3,000 people died
  • Buildings, roads and crops destroyed
  • Food stores ruined
  • Heavy rains and floods
  • Tidal surges up to 5m
  • Maximum sustained winds of 150mph and gusts up to 184mph

Secondary Impacts:

  • Water based diseases from no clean water
  • Millions homeless
  • Can't pay for repair works
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Responses To The Tropical Storm

  • £250 million pledged from other countries for help
  • The army delivered supplies in remote countries by helicopter
  • The World Food Programme sent 400,000 rations
  • A project was set up by the government to restock farms
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Why Were The Damages So Bad?

  • Not enough cyclone shelters - they were too expensive to build
  • Many warning systems were broken
  • Can't pay for repairs so damages last for longer
  • The poor housing conditions were easy for the cyclone to destroy
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