Why do the effects of tropical storms vary between developing and developed countries

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  • Why do the effects of tropical storms vary between developed and developing countries
    • Developing countries
      • They rely on aid from developed countries for the rescue and recovery process
        • Evacuation and other emergency plans can be difficult to put into action due to limited funds and resources
      • Clearing up can be more difficult
        • There may not be enough money to rebuild/repair homes quickly and safely
          • Many people could be forced to live in emergency housing or refugee camps
      • Case study = Cyclone Sidr, 2007 Bangladesh India
    • Developed countries
      • They have more financial, educational and technological resources to help the effects of tropical storms
        • They equipped to train the emergency services
        • Educate people about necessary precautions
        • Satelities and specially equipped aircraft to predit and monitor the occurrence of storms
      • Are able to observe and predict storms behaviour better
      • Can invest infrastructure to withstand storms
      • People can prepare by storing food and water and by boarding up their windows
      • Case study = hurricane Katrina,2005 south east USA


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