weather and climate:


Convection Rainfall (summer in the uk): convection trends to produce towering clouds, which produce heavy rain. Land gets hot, typical of the tropics, brings heavy rainfall and lightning (storms)

Frontal Rainfall (day to day in UK): frontal rainfall produces a variety of clouds. warm weather meets cold weather. warm air gets pushed upwards, condension, rainfall.

Relief Rainfall: warm air comes across from the sea, picks up moisture, hot air rises and falls as rain.

Depression: warm front leads cold front- from atlanic-low atmosphesric pressure- goes eastward and anticlockwise- air rises. (rain,clouds and cold comes from this. mixed weather conditions)

Anticyclones: cold front leads warm front-high pressure-clockwise-air falls towards the ground. (settled wether, rainfall is unlikely, no clouds, clear sky, hot weather, winter


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