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Geography Revision
Edexcel GCSE paper 4H
By Sian Seccombe…read more

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Managing Hazards
· Tropical Storms
· Impacts in MEDCs and LEDCs
· Why do people continue to live in the
· Where do we find earthquakes and
· What happens at plate boundaries
· How people prepare for earthquakes…read more

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Tropical Storms
· Nearly all tropical storms are found between the tropics of
Cancer and Capricorn
· The source regions are all found over the oceans that are 27
degrees or more
· Tropical storms are more common in the northern hemisphere
than the southern hemisphere
· They form in the late summer/autumn when the sea is hottest
· Hurricanes, Typhoons, Tropical Cyclones and Willy Willies are
all the same thing. It is the area of the world that they form in
and hit that gives them their name.…read more

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· Strong winds- 5 categories according to
wind speed: very strong winds can blow
cars over and uproot trees
· Heavy rain- leads to flooding, crop damage
and water contamination, landslides also
· Storm surges- Rapid rise in sea level
causing a wall of water up to 5m, 90% of
deaths from cyclones are due to storm
surges…read more

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Effects on LEDCs and MEDCs
LEDC- Bangladesh
· $1 billion of international aid
· Limited national aid
· No insurance
· Poor communication links make cyclone warnings difficult
· Poorly constructed houses, easily destroyed
· Several years for the area to return to normal
· Money available from state and government funds
· Most house owners had insurance
· Hurricane centre monitors storms
· Warnings given out on TV
· Hurricane proof buildings built
· Area cleared up within a few months…read more

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Why do people live in the areas?
· Even if people want to leave, they do not have enough
money to leave
· Most are farmers and cannot leave their land
· People do not believe that cyclones happen very often
so think they will be ok
· All of their family will live in the village so they will not
want to leave
· People are unwilling to leave their friends
· They have good insurance
· Their houses are well built so they believe they will be
fine if a hurricane comes
· They are unwilling to leave well paid jobs and nice
houses…read more

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