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1961 Suicide Act: decriminalised suicide but kept euthanasia illegal.
1967 Abortion Act: decriminalised abortion.
1990 Abortion Act: lowered the time limit for abortion from 28 to 24 weeks.
1998 Human Rights Act: incorporated the European Convention of Human Rights into British law.
1967 Homosexuality Act: decriminalised homosexuality for over 21s. (now 16)
1969 Divorce Act: made divorce cheaper.
1992 Divorce Act: reduced time limit for divorce from two to one year.
2004 Civil Partnerships Act: gave legal recognition of same-sex partners.
1975 Sex Discrimination Act: allowed people to sue against alleged sexists.
1976 Race Relations Act: allowed people to sue against alleged racists.
2003 Crime and Disorder Act: allowed higher maximum prison sentences where there is evidence of racial or religious hatred.
2005 Racial and Religious Hatred Act: made it an offence to use threatening words or behaviour towards groups of people defined by their race and religious belief or lack of belief.

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