Crime & Punishment

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Crime & Punishment Keywords

Sin - An act against the will of god. E.g. Lying

Crime - An act against the law. E.g. Killing

Judgment - The act of judging people their actions. E.g. A decision

Law - Rules made by parliament and enforceable by the courts. E.g. Speed limits

Justice - Rewarding good and punishing bad and maintaining what is considered to be 'right' in society. E.g. A murderering someone and gets put in jail

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Why is it important that laws should be just?

1) If a law is unjust people feel that it is right to break the law

2) If some laws are unjust people may start to think all laws are unjust

3) If a law doesn't give justice people will take the law into their own hands

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Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment is the death penalty. Abolished in Britain 1969.

Arguments For and Against

For                                                                    |                                                       Against 

If you take a life you should lose your life                                 |       You could be innocent and you couldn't put that right

coasts to much money to imprison someone                            |     

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