Latin Grammar Unit 2 : Adjectival Agreement


Adjectival Agreement in Latin

cibus est bonus.  The food is good.(

cena est bona.  The dinner is good.

vinum est bonum.  The wine is good.

The Latin word we translate as good has a different ending in each sentence. This is because the noun being described in each sentence has a different gender.

cibus is masculine.

cena is feminine.

vinum is neuter.    -    P . T . O

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Adjectival Agreement in Latin

The adjective 'bonus' changes its ending so that it is the same gender as the noun it is describing. We say that the adjective 'agrees' with the noun it describes.

rex est stultus.  The king is stupid.

regina est stulta.  The queen is stupid.

colloquium est stultum.  The converstion is stupid.

Lots of adjectives follow the same patterns as bonus and stultus. We call these first/second declension adjectives.

masculine   -us

feminine     -a

neuter        -um

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