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OCR GCSE Latin J281/J081 - Vocabulary List (Unit A401) Higher Tier
This vocabulary list is required for Latin GCSE Unit A401. The list for Foundation Tier
comprises 200 words (marked FT). Higher Tier candidates will be expected to know these
200 words and a further 100 words (marked HT in…

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HT cognosco cognoscere, cognovi, cognitus verb 3 get to know, find out
HT consilium consilii, n noun 2 plan, idea, advice
HT conspicio conspicere, conspexi, conspectus verb 3 catch sight of, notice
FT constituo constituere, constitui, constitutus verb 3 decide
FT consumo consumere, consumpsi, consumptus verb 3 eat
HT convenio…

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FT hic haec, hoc pronoun this, he, she, it
FT hodie indeclinable adverb today
FT homo hominis, m noun 3 man, human being
FT hora horae, f noun 1 hour
FT hortus horti, m noun 2 garden
FT iam indeclinable adverb now, already
FT ianua ianuae, f noun 1 door…

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FT navis navis, f noun 3 ship
HT ne indeclinable + subjunctive conjunction that ... not, so that ... not, lest
FT -ne indeclinable particle (introduces question)
FT nec, neque indeclinable conjunction and not, nor, neither
FT neco necare, necavi, necatus verb 1 kill
HT nemo neminis noun irregular no…

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FT quis? quid? pronoun who? what?
HT quo? indeclinable adverb to where?
FT quod indeclinable conjunction because
HT quomodo? indeclinable adverb how?
FT quoque indeclinable conjunction also, too
HT quot? indeclinable adjective how many?
FT re- (prefix used with verbs) prefix - back
HT redeo redire, redii verb irregular go…

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FT tu tui pronoun you (singular)
FT tum indeclinable adverb then
HT turba turbae, f noun 1 crowd
FT tuus tua, tuum pronoun your (singular), yours
FT ubi indeclinable adverb where? where, when
FT urbs urbis, f noun 3 city, town
FT ut indeclinable + subjunctive conjunction that, so that,…

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