Language and Technology Theories

How theories link with Language and Technology

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Grice's Maxims and Technology

Maxim of Quantity - Do not say too much or too little in a conversation

Maxim of Quality - Be truthful when speaking

Maxim of Relevance - Keep to the point and to not evade the question

Maxim of Manner - Speak in a clear and orderly way

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Schegloff's Opening Sequence (1986)

1. Summons/answer - opens the channel of communication

2. Identification/recognition - not needed for face-to-face

3. Greetings sequence

4. 'How are you' sequence

Evaluation of this theory...

- doesn't follow cultures
- may be different for mixed gender conversations
- if you do not know the speaker, identification may not occur
- introduction of new technology may remove the identification e.g. caller ID

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Lakoff's Rule for Conversations

1. Be clear

2. Be polite

3. Do not impose

4. Give options

5. Be friendly

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Brown and Levison's Face Theory

Face = public self image

:) = positive face = the need to be liked and accepted

:( = negative face = the need to not be imposed upon

Positive politeness = used with friends to emphasise solidarity (shared references/grammar)

Negative politeness = emphasise respect if there's a social difference between speakers

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Howard Giles' Accomodation Theory

Convergence - speech is adjusted to match others (showing unity and feeling of shared identity)

Divergence - refrains from adjustin speech to not match others - emphasises seperation and distinction

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