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  • My Idiolect
    • Parents Background
      • Mum from Retford and moved to Sheffield at 21. Dad from Sheffield, Yorkshire. Both moved to Warwickshire for a time period.
      • Family from both areas with strong Yorkshire or Nottinghamshire accents.
    • My Regions and Schooling
      • Lived in Sheffield until 11 years old, then Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire. Primary School in Sheffield and Secondary in Derbyshire. Learnt the dialect of each region and therefore use much of all in my speech.
    • Foreign Languages Learned
      • French, and limited Spanish
    • Friends
      • Friends from a variety of areas: Sheffield, Chesterfield, Leeds, Grimsby, Ireland, NYC, California.
      • Consist of people from many backgrounds and locations: Skating friends, Holiday friends, Primary / Secondary School.
    • Hobbies
      • Figure Skating
        • Figure skated from age 7. Grown up around people from varied regions. Eg, Leeds, Grimsby, Sheffield. Learnt their dialect. Formed our own Sociolect
        • Used Specific Jargon from a young age. Eg, Lutz, Chasse, Biellmann, Catch Camel, Teapot, Bus Stop Hold.
      • Piano
        • Played musical instruments from primary school. Therefore learnt many specific musical terms such as Octave or Arpeggio.
    • Films & TV
      • Watch alot of American films and SitComs: Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother. Many films include American actors.
    • Technology
      • Owned a mobile, laptop, iPod
    • My Vocab
      • Lots of made up words used with different friendship groups.
      • Jargon and Local Slangs or dialects used and known


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