Key Terms

Just the key terms for  section A on the different broadcast genres 

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TV News

Codes and Conventions: 

  • Music to signify sense of drama or urgency 
  • MS rather than close up 
  • opening sequence with icons of importance such as clocks and globes
  • use of props such as tables and technology 
  • Formal presenters/ formal dress
  • sequence of clips 
  • spectacle - audience as spectators of 'large' events 
  • Journalism from 'inside' the action - hand- held cameras, 
  • Direct mode of address
  • Enigma code - coming up 'teasers' 
  • Primary definers - expert opinion 
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Reality TV

Codes and conventions: 

  • Realism and constructed reality (the expectation of the audience to believe that the constructed world is 'real' - a world within a world) <--- Blumer and Katz theory
  • 'still to come' moments - the culture of anticipation 
  • voice over narration to construct the narrative
  • 'Confessional' video diary scenes or access to private behind the scenes moments. intimacy through COS (CU) and camera movements (Z) 
  • Involvement of celebrity
  • Hybrid forms 
  • Equilibrium 
  • music had symbolic value 
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