Genre and Narrative

Key terms on genre and narrative within the media

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Key Terms

Genre - the word genre derives from French and means type or kind. In a study of media texts it is used to divide texts into easily identifiable categories. It is a way of classifying media products according to the elements that they share.

Genre Conventions - These are the repertoire of elements that texts belonging to the same genre have in common. They are the aspects that an audience expect to see in a specific media text. They help audiences to recognise the genre and have been built up over a period of time so that they are easily recognisable. For example, a presenter directly addressing the audience is a generic convention of a news broadcast.

Hybrid/Sub-Genre - A text that conbines or subverts the conventions of an existing genre to crete a new one. For example, the reality television genre conbines, in some cases, aspects of the documentary and genre show genres.

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What are some examples of genre?

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