AS Media Key Terms

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Name 3 Radio Key Terms
Jingle, Zoo Format, Companion/Undemanding Medium, Presenter + Co Hosts.
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Term for Camera Distance
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Term for how objects are framed in a shot
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What is Empathetic sound?
Music or Sound Effects—whose mood matches the mood of the present action or scene
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3 Things making up MES
Character Movement, Make Up/Hair, Costume, Props, Lighting, Setting etc.
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What is visual and aural signifier?
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Multiple interpretations to a single text
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What is Ideaology?
Ideals of a text
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What is Audience positioning?
How we are encouraged to respond
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What are the 5 Uses and Gratifications?
Entertainment, Escapism, Informative, Companionship, Identification.
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What is a Vox Pox?
outside of studio broadcasting e.g. Interview on the street
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What is 'Hegemony'?
Maintaining the status quo, media is one way of achieving this. Use of socialisation to maintain inequality or status quo in society.
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Who's Theory is Hegemony? And what was he?
Gramsci, a Marxist.
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Term for Camera Distance



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Term for how objects are framed in a shot


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What is Empathetic sound?


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3 Things making up MES


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