Key issue 1

Golden years

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Was the golden years really golden?


  • Political: No attempts to overthrow government by putsch or revolution after 1923/No political assasinations. 1924 and 1928 election extreme left and right lost ground, 1928 election: Nazis 12 seats, less voting for them. Still being guided by the founder Ebert until 1925
  • Economics: Economic recovery. Dawes Plan 1924 restores confidence in the economy and investment from the USA.German industrial output exceeds 1913 levels and factories have new equipment, Wages ncrease for higher living standard and feel good factor, Working hours are short better social life. New currency to stop hyperinflation Rentenmark is stable .
  • Culture: Cultural and artistic success.New modern buildings: Design school Bauhaus group. Art, architecture,drama,film,music developed. Nightclubs, dances,cabaret,thearte more popular (social aspect). Inspired German artists. Women had more equality and job opportunity.
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