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  • Stalin
    • Jobs
      • Party secretary
      • positions in orgubro and the secretariat
      • He controlled the organisation of the party
      • He had control over the party members
    • Key issues adressed
      • Leadership in the country
      • NEP
      • Party policy about direction of revolution
    • Strengths supporting him
      • Starlin was always on the fence and seemed to have no real ideas of his own. this gave the impression he was not a threat
      • He had a peasant background and was originally a man of god which gained him favor of the religious and peasantry
      • Good luck also helped Stalin achieve control. the well being of Trotsky deteriorated causing him to lose his ability to posses such a strong lead on the election
      • Sided with whoever was most popular and this won him a few votes but then turned against the reforms when the time was right


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