Key Issues in March 1917

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  • Key Issues in March 1917
    • War
      • Should Russia fight a defensive war?
      • Should Russia sue for an immediate peace, with all the National Shame, humiliation and loss of territory?
      • Should it continue to fight alongside the allies in the hope of winning more territory?
    • Land
      • Should land be taken from the nobility and big landowners and handed over the to the peasants for them to divide themselves?
      • Should the issue of land redistribution be left to the elected government of Russia
    • National Minorities
      • Many National Groups such as Finns, and Poles wanted more independence and self government.
    • Economy
      • How could it be improved, particularly the supply of food and fuel?
    • Social Reform
      • How quickly could the programme of social reform for workers be put into place. e.g greater power in the workplace,improvements in working and living conditions.


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