Islam: 11.1 Beliefs and Values

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The word "Islam" is an Arabic word meaning "Peace and Submission"

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Six Articles of Faith

1) Tawhid (oneness of Allah)

2) Belief in Angels

3) Belief in the Holy Books

4) Belief in the Prophets

5) Belief in life after death

5) Belief in predestination (the decree of Allah) 

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Breaking Tawhid

What can break the Tawhid?

Pride, Arrogance, Complaining to God, Hypocrisy, Shirk

What is Shirk?

Shirk is the unforgivable sin of associating any partners or equals to Allah.

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Views on Shirk

Some say Shirk cannot be forgiven as:

  • It breaks the Tawhid (one of the Six Articles of Faith)
  • It contradicts the Shahadah
  • Breaks up the Umah (global Islamic community) as it results in some creations of Allah being regarded as more important than others.

Some say Shirk can be forgiven as:

  • Two of Allah's names are The Merciful and The Compassionate. He is also Benevolent so will forgive anyone who repents and turns to Din,
  • All Surah's apart from one also begin with the fact He is merciful (Bismillah)
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Christianity in regards to Shirk

Christianity in regards to Shirk:

Muslims say Jesus (PBUH) was a prophet and not the Son of God as God alone is the supreme being. They believe Jesus (PBUH) would recoil in horror from the suggestion that He was God. 

NO prophet is part God,

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Angel means 'Messenger.'

They have no free will and are soley made from light.

Muslims believe every Muslim has two special angels with them recording the good and the bad deeds.

Jinns are made from fire 

They do have free will.

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Lailatul Qadr

The Night of Power was when Muhammed (PBUH) was 40 years old in 610 CE in Ramadhan. He was in a cave on Mount Hira when he started to hear a voice commanding "Iqra" meaning "recite."

Muhammed (PBUH) was illiterate so replied that he could not but the voice commanding three times again. The Surah Alaq (96:1-5) was revealed.

He ran home to Khadijah thinking that he was going mad. She conforted him and assured him he was not mad and was being called by God. 

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> Unchanged word of God for 1400 years

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Hadith & Sunnah

Define Hadith:

The recorded sayings of Muhammad (PBUH)

Define Sunnah:

The recorded actions of Muhammad (PBUH)

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Predestination = Al-Qadr

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