Unit 11.1 Belief and values

A few notes on the first topic on Islam unit 11 the book is kinda long and complicated so i just summarised it hope it helps 

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Beliefs and values
The nature and importance of belief in Allah
Din: Way of life (The belief and practice of Islam)
Islam: Peace gained through submission to Allah
Muslim: One who has submitted to Allah by accepting Islam
Quran: The holy book of Islam which is recited
Tawhid: The oneness of Allah
Why this belief is important to Muslims:
Quran. It is taught in the Quran which Muslims believe to be the word of Allah
Purpose. It helps Muslims make sense out of life. For many people life is confusing
however believing in that Allah is one and unique and has power over everything,
helps giving a direction and purpose to their life.
Focus. It helps Muslims to think of Allah, and not themselves, as the centre, the
focal point of life
Sunnah. It helps Muslims to follow the teaching and example of Muhammad (saw).
The focal point of his life was Allah. He was the perfect example because his life was
focused on Allah.
How do Muslims try to show their belief in the oneness of Allah?
They recognise that no one and nothing else is worth worshipping apart from Allah
All living creatures must be treated with respect because all life comes from Allah and
belongs to Allah
The Muslim community should also be one, united and held together by their belief
in Allah because Allah is one
When Muslims believe in Allah, and when they keep Allah at the centre of everything
they do, they are being true to their din
The sin of shirk
Ibadah: All acts of worship, any permissible action performed to obey Allah
Shirk: The sin regarding anything as an equal or partner of Allah
How Muslims avoid it:
They concentrate only on Allah when they pray. No pictures in mosques to stop them
getting distracted and to only think of Allah. They do jihad throughout their lives.

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Why is shirk such a major sin?
1. Basic. Belief in the oneness of Allah is the most basic principle of Islam. This is why
Muhammad (saw) got rid of the idols from the Kabah.
2. Commitment. Shirk breaks the commitment that Muslims make when they recite
the shahadah, "There is no god but Allah".
3. True religion. Islam is the only true and pure religion- the sin of shirk takes away that
purity by equating Allah with other things
4. Purpose.…read more

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Hope. Without this belief Muslims would feel hopeless This is because they often fail
to live as Allah has required and without his mercy we'd all be punished
Encouragement. Allah is their judge so on the day of judgement they will have to
account to him which gives them encouragement to live a good life
Love. This belief helps to improve the quality of their lives because it strengthens
their love for Allah.
Trust.…read more

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Importance of belief in Risalah
Risalah: Muslim belief about the prophets of Allah
Why is belief in Risalah important?
1. World wide. Prophets brought the guidance of Allah to different nations at different
times showing that the message was from the beginning
2. No change. All prophets brought the same message of Islam showing that Allah is
3. Truth. All prophets brought the same message of Islam showing that Islam is the
true religion
4. Prophecy.…read more

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Truth. They show that only the Quran contains the whole truth- therefore only Islam
can guide people along the totally correct path
Respect. Although the message had been distorted, the originals were revelations
from Allah and therefore should be respected
People of the book. However much the messages have been changed, Muslims
should respect Jews and Christians because they have part of the truth.…read more


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