Ireland - Henry VII

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First threat = Lambert Simnel 1487 who was supported by Irish noble, Lord Kildare - after Siminels defeat: Henry = surprisingly tolerant of Irish nobles & took no action on Kildare

1491 Perkin Warbeck threat strained relations (Kildare crowned Warbeck the rightful King) - result: Kildare dismissed & Henry sent a small army to Ireland - Warbeck fled to France

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1494 - Sir Edward Poynings sent to Ireland - created 'Poynings Laws' 1494

1. Prevented Irish nobles holding parliament without consent of English government

2. Restored order

3. Crushed rebellions started by Kildare's brother

4. Stopped Warbeck returning to Ireland

5. Kildare = arrested & attained

1496 - Poynings = removed, Kildare = reinstated & Act of Attainder was reversed - Henry kept Kildare's son in England to ensure Kildare's loyalty to England

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Poynings Laws restored English authority in Ireland & successfully prevented Warbeck returning

Success was temporary - Henry reverted back to ruling Ireland through Irish nobles

Showed financial weakness as keeping English authority = too expensive

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