Informing design decisions

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Evaluating the use of new technologies

Designers find out about the latest technologies and materials and are evaluated against this criteria:

  • cost
  • reliability
  • longevity
  • sustainibility
  • recyclability
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Planned obsolescence

  • ensuring a product only performs its task for a certain length of time
  • some products are planned with deliberately short life spans
  • appropriately engineered quality - the best material for a product that lasts a short period of time
  • upgrading and function - product continuously upgraded, chance of new sales reduced, may not be value for money and sales may be lost
  • technology push - manufacturers avoid producing goods that last for a long time as fashion and trends are constantly changing
  • to keep market share - new products to keep ahead of competitors and customers feel they have to have the latest version
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Design for maintenance

  • most products designed to be disposed of at end of life
  • manufacturers make more money when people have to buy a new one
  • some products are manufactured to be too complex to be repaired at home - often require specialist tools
  • companies want customers to buy a new product as soon as possible
  • if a product breaks after guarantee has expired they may offer a discount on a new version
  • keeps customers' business
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Ethics and environment

  • companies are increasingly aware of the need for social responsibility
  • LCA conducted to see if a product effects the environment in a bad way
  • includes sustainably sourcing components and materials
  • ethical production
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Considering end of working life disposal

Reponsible end of life design should include:

  • as few materials as possible
  • recycled and recyclable materials where possible
  • built-in reusability where possible
  • easy-to-separate materials avoiding permenant bonding methods
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