Men's Fears

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  • Men's Fears
    • Juvenal
      • Eppia- the senators wife who left her sister, kids and husband for gladiator Sergius (ugly)
        • Women will do more labour with bf than husband- ship, help rather than be sick.
          • Fertility- rich = less babies= Ethiopian, fat. Poverty made women chaste. Luxury is worse than war.
      • Messalina- Lysisca- smell of brothel to Emporer Claudius' bed.
        • Mother in laws also help wives to write sophisticated letters to seducers and call doctor.
    • Step Mother
      • Ability to kill- Clystemnaestra, Medea- evil women. Shocking- mean to be respectable Athenians.
        • Excuses were very clever- poison as 'love potion'
        • Ploy to get oikos- women cannot be trusted.
        • Murder happened blasphemously- not scared of gods or men.
    • Aristophanes
      • Laconian keys with the triple teeth, Molossian dogs- Euripides has made them scared of affairs
        • Chewing garlic, bunging up the baby with beeswax to stop the cries- illegitimate baby son 'birth'.
          • Smuggling boy under skirt to have affairs. 'If women are so bad, why have them?'
        • Sex addicts, alcoholics- the baby wine skin.
    • Sempronia
      • Involved in the conspiracy of Catiline- against Cicero.
      • Shockiing as matrona- educated but sexual, bold, provocative dancer, bad with money
        • High class- may have been involved in murder- bad reputation.
    • Clodia
      • Upper class famous family but bad reputation- ruin.
        • Lives too free, spends too much money- orgies, affairs.
        • Not honouring her dead husband or fore fathers. Bad for matronas.
    • Oppian
      • Cato 'blushed' at the women blockading- acting out of character for matronas
        • If they get the repeal- think they are equal, start to act like men's equals, soon enough superiors.
        • The plebs left Rome for equal rights (women succession)
      • The women may have sexual depravity through luxury- affairs
    • Neaera
      • A metic hetaera is claiming legitimacy- still acting like a metic.
        • Dines with men, public sex, acts married with Stefanus- passes her 3 kids off as legitimate Athenian. Scams
        • Passes daughter of as Athenian, divorced twice- Phrastor, King Archon Theogenes
          • Could have all property taken and exile is marry metic and try to have legitimate children- no oikos.
          • Blasphemous priestess rights- cannot be unchaste (LIED), secret sacrifice for Athenians, oath for priestesses done and cannot enter holy place only for Athenians.
    • Euphiletus'
      • Maid pinches baby so he will scream- to distract Euphiletus from Eratosthenes.
      • Losing his oiks, property to child, has to mention that the child is legitimately his.


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