Importance of Athenian Marriage

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Proof of Marriage

"the legitimate daughter of Ciron"

"Marriage banquet to the phratry

"took an oath introducing children"

Shows the importance of legitimacy heritage in Athenian marriage; Vital to have witnesses to legaility; purpose of marriage is to produce legal citizens/heirs

Problems: Son of daughter of Ciron is very biased - a verdict opposite to what he says would meant he misses out on a larger inheritance but more importantly have his citizenship revoked

Theory vs Reality: Theory; marriage is important so Athenian legitimate heirs are born. Reality; legal marriage is important is otherwise the witness would lose everything he has as everything depends on this case.

How to Train a Wife

"what could she have known when I married her, since she was fifteen years old"

"I teach and she could learn what was best for both of us"

"God made the nursing of both young children instictive for women"

Women had to marry at a young age; Men tried to train their wives to be the "perfect" wife; One of the main reasonfs for marriage was to produce legitimate childrento carry on the man's legacy.

Problems: The story is Ischomachus and his wife is fictional; Story is only from the mans point of view.

Theory vs Reality: Shows that marriage was important for producing children and so the wife can stay at home and look after the house and kids. When his wfie wears makeup it shows that even the most perfect wife can still get things wrong. Fictional story - shows the perfect wife doesn't…


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