the death of the Helvidiae

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  • the death of the Helvidiae
    • telling how tradgic it is that both of the sisters died in child brith
    • Their the step granddaughter of Fannia
      • her husband was put to death for his political/ philosophical views
    • written by pliny in 104 AD
      • shows that pliny values females as he is remorseful over their deaths
    • the daughters both gave birth to girls so they wont carry the bloodline
    • neither of the girls are given a name which shows they're respectful
    • they died a dutiful way
    • only one of the children survives
      • it is important that he is kept in good health or the bloodline will stop
      • he praises his father and grandfather by hoping that he will be 'as good as his grandfather and his father'
    • Helvidus was Fannia's stepson


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