Imperfect tense

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Roeddwn i'n - I was                                   Doeddwn i ddim - I wasn't

Roeddet ti'n - You were                              Doedd ti ddim - You weren't

Roedd hi'n - She was                                 Doedd hi ddim - She wasn't

Roedd e'n - He was                                    Doedd e ddim - He wasn't

Roedd Bob yn  - Bob was                           Doedd Bob ddim - Bob wasn't

Roedden ni'n - We were                              Doedden ni ddim - We weren't

Roeddech chi'n - You were                          Doeddech chi ddim - You weren't

Roedden nhw'n - They were                         Doedden nhw ddim - They weren't

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