Welsh Past Tense

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Regular verbs past tense

take off last vowel, eds roll, egs smash

Add ending

Ais i - I

Asit ti - You

Odd hi - She

Odd e - He

Odd Bob - Bob

On ni - We

Och chi - You

On nhw - They

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irregular verbs past tense

mynd - go                                   Cael - Have

Es i - I went                                Ces i - I had

Est ti - You went                         Cest ti - You had

Aeth hi - She went                      Cafodd hi - She had

Aeth e - He went                         Cafodd e - He had

Aeth Bob - Bob went                   Cafodd Bob - Bob had

Aethon ni - We went                    Cawson ni - We had

Aethoch chi - You went                Cawsoch chi - You had

Aethon nhw - They went               Cawson nhw - They had

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irregular verbs past tense cont.

Dod - Come                                        Gwneud - do

Des i - I came                                     Gwnes i - I did

Dest ti - You came                              Gwnest ti - You did

Daeth hi - she came                            Gwnaeth hi - She did

Daeth e - He came                              Gwnaeth e - He did

Daeth Bob - Bob came                        Gwnaeth Bob - Bob did

Daethon ni - We came                        Gwnaethon ni - We did

Daethoch chi - You came                    Gwnaethoch chi - You did

Daethon nhw - They came                  Gwnaethon nhw - They did

                            To make negative add ddim at end.

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