Illegal migration - Calais to Dover

Case study of illegal migration from Calais, France, to Dover, England

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Problems for migrants in Calais

• Trafficking gangs are charging £0000s to help people into Britain, which many migrants can't afford

• Many die on overcrowded boats and lorries

• Living conditions in Calais are poor, with no running water, toilets or showers and only one meal a day

• Many migrants will die during the winter as the local authorities can only provide 6 blankets for the estimated 1500 people

• Border controls in Calais are improving, meaning that it is becoming more difficult for migrants to reach Britain

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Problems for Calais

• Calais is one of the poorest towns in France, with only 1/3 of its relidents paying taxes

• The local police can't manage the migrant situation - there are only 80 officers, and only 10 of those work on the ports

• Local people are loosing patience with the authorities

• The town is getting a bad name as violence is breaking out between migrants and locals

• At the ports, the police are grossly outnumbered - 1500 migrants against 10 police

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Problems for Britain

• Calais authorities want to get rid of the migrants, which means that in the future they may help them reach Britain in order to get them out of Calais

• Migrants that reach Britain are camping on Dover's beaches whilst their asylum requests are processed, which puts off tourists

• Nobody knows how many migrants are managing to get into Britain as it is impossible to check every boat and lorry 

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Problems for lorry drivers

• Migrants throw rocks at lorrys and surround them so that drivers stop and people can climb in

• Some drivers are threatened directly by migrants who carry weapons

• Drivers can be fined up to £2000 per migrant who enters Britain on their lorry, even if they are completely unaware

• Drivers claim that they don't recieve enough support from authorities in France or Britain

• Locks and seals on lorries are broken and then replaced by migrants, so many go undetected

• Migrants cause contaminated loads, costing companise an average of £13,000 per lorry

• Loads are stolen, and migrants sometimes urinate in lorries and leave rubbish

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How Britain's border controls are improving

• The government have pledged £12 million over 3 years in order to improve border security

• The UK border force has set up in Calais in orser to search lorries before they arrive in Britain

• Dogs are being used to search the underneath of lorries

• 19,000 migrants were caught in Calais in 2013, although it is not known how many went undetected

• Border forces are having to check the Channel as migrants employ new tactics

• The British government is trying to put potential migrants off coming Britain

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New tactics being used by migrants

• British holiday makers are being targetted - migrants are beginning to enter Britain in caravans

• There were 6 cases of migrants travelling under caravans in August 2014

• Migrants are using boats, surfboards and even inflatables to try and cross the Channel

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