Howlin' Wolf - I'm Leavin' You

Howlin' Wolf - I'm Leavin' You

Stylistic Features: 12 Bar blues, Fade out at end, No modulations, 7th/9th chords, Diatonic, Substituation chords, Shuffle Rhythm, Emphasis on backbeat, Narrow range, Minor pentatonic

Structure: 6 Choruses of 12 bar blues

Melody: 1 bar phrases, Blues notes Bb and F natural clash, Penation, Mostly syllabic, Dialouge betweent vocals and lead guitar, Slides/Pitch bends, Fragmented, Improvisation, Vocables, Falling G minor triad 

Harmony: 12 bar blues, Diatonic, 7th/9th chords, Substitution chords, Dissonance - chromatically altered chords, Blues notes.

Texture: Homophonic in verses, Chordal accompaniment acting as BVOX, Dialogue between singer and lead guitar, Stop-time texture, Intro - monophonic.

Tonality: G Minor, Modal inflections because of Blues notes, No modulations.

Rhythm: 4/4, Shuffle Rhythm, Triplets, Scotch Snapp bar 21, Emphasis on backbeats, Syncopation e.g bar 2. 

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