Howlin' Wolf - "I'm Leavin' You" 2013

Howlin' Wolf - "I'm Leavin' You" for Edexcel 2013 AS exam. No bar numbers put in - you will need to find examples of techniques demonstrated for the essay section.

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  • Howlin' Wolf - "I'm Leavin' You"
    • Background
      • Rhythm and  Blues
      • Recorded in 1958
    • Rhythm and Metre
      • Common (4/4) time with swung quavers
      • Typical features include:
        • Backbeats
        • Continuous triplets in piano
        • Semiquavers in lead guitar fills result in cross-rhythms
          • Continuous triplets in piano
        • Longer note lengths in the instrumental B39
        • Stop time
    • Melody and Word Setting
      • Predominantly syllabic with some melismatic/slurred passages
      • Vocal range of an octave D-D
      • Blue notes (Bb)
      • Irregular phrase lengths
      • Variations verse to verse indicate improvisation
      • "****" style of singing in the form of nonsense syllables
    • Harmony
      • 12-Bar blues progression throughout, chords I, IV, V
      • Use of 7th and 9th chords
      • Notated in G major, but blue notes give the impression of G minor
        • Blue notes (Bb)
    • Tonality
      • In G major
      • No modulation
    • Structure
      • 12-Bar blues
        • 12-Bar blues progression throughout, chords I, IV, V
      • Six choruses (strophic)
      • Includes Intro, Instrumental and Coda
    • Resources and Texture
      • Vocal, Harmonica, Lead and Rhythm guitars, Piano, Bass and Drums
      • Melody dominated homophony
      • Performance techniques include: Pitch bends, Glissando, Double-/Triple-Stopping in guitar, Chords of two or three notes in Harmonica part


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