Howlin' Wolf - I'm Leavin' You - Key Terms

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Key Terms for Set Work: Howlin' Wolf - I'm Leavin' You

Cross Rhythms: Rhythms that go against each other - they cause syncopation
Backbeat: Emphasis on the offbeat - beats 2 and 4 emphasised within rhythm
Stop time: Melody continues - accompaniment only plays on 1st beat of the bar with accent
Fills: Rhythmic bridge - often transitional (rhythimically interesting)
12 Bar Blues:  12 bar blue sequence
Rhythm and Blues: Late 1950's American style 
Pitch Bend: Bend the pitch - tone difference - Bars 9, 10, 21, 22
Riffs: Short melodic pattern - Bars 1 + 2 (introduction)
Strophic: Verse, chorus structure
Chord Extensions:


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