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Dowland Monterverdi Howlin' Wolf VM
Melody Sylllabic ­ Syllabic Mix of Syllabic Syllabic
ornaments Gmin/Bb and Melisma's Vocal line is a Bb
Falling motif Lots of repeated Blues scale pentatonic
dominates. notes, falling 3rds Shapes are very Shapes are
Small range of an much falling rhythmically
octave un one motifs, falling complex smooth.
blues scale few
large gaps.
Harmony Modal chords, Loads of false Blue's chords, by Root chords
mostly root, relations, half their nature are apart from Dm/A
dissonance modal/tonal dissonant. Small range of
through Mixture of root Extension notes. harmonies.
suspensions 4-3 1st and Chromatic Passing
and 7-6 occasional 2nd. harmony dissonance all
False Relations More variety within
than the pentatonic.
great freedom.

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