How did Hitler consolidate power?

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History Revision Nazi Germany 19331934
Hitler used the fire to his advantage in two ways:
fire 1. It gave him an opportunity to imprison many communist leaders,
which stopped them campaigning during the election.
2. It allowed the Nazis to say that the country was in danger from the
communists during its election campaign.
Both these actions helped the Nazis to win more seats in the election.
When the courts convicted Dutch Communist van der Lubbe, but did not
convict other Communist leaders, Hitler was furious and replaced the
courts with the Nazi People's Courts.
General Although it did not give the Nazis the majority that Hitler had hoped for in
election the Reichstag, it gave them enough seats after Hitler had arrested all
the communist deputies and the other parties had been intimidated by the
SA to get the Enabling Act passed, which is all Hitler needed to do.
Enabling Act Arguably the critical event it gave Hitler absolute power to make his
Local This put the Nazis in control of local government, and allowed the
government Gestapo to rule by terror.
Trade Abolishing the trade unions allowed Hitler to destroy a group that might
unions have opposed him. It also gave Hitler the opportunity to set up the
German Labour Front, which gave him control over German workers.
Concordat Hitler's agreement with the Pope was a temporary truce that allowed
Hitler to ban the Catholic Zentrum party without opposition from the
Catholic Church.
Political Banning political parties made Germany a oneparty state and destroyed
parties democracy in the country.
After this action, Germans could no longer get rid of Hitler in an election.
People's These were set up to give Hitler greater control over the judgements
Courts made in courts. Hitler was furious because the courts did not sentence
the communists to death for starting the Reichstag fire.
Night of the This destroyed all opposition within the Nazi Party. It gave power to the
Long Knives brutal SS. It also showed the rest of the world what a tyrant Hitler was.
Führer This formally made Hitler the absolute ruler of Germany.
How did Hitler consolidate power? (19331934)


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