Problems with the war

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The Effects

  • The Tsar went to the front line to lead the troops
  • Tsarina was left in charge
  • She was accused of being a spy
  • morral was low at the front line
  • Tsarina was having affair with Rasputin (a "holy man")
  • Tsarina was german
  • People were starving on the streets
  • All factories were making supplies for the war
  • Nothing for the people
  • Only work was in the factories
  • No farmers (fighting in the war)
  • Whole city's came to a halt
  • Tsar was loosing the war
  • Revolutionaries getting stronger (more people were joining in with the protests)
  • Poverty grew larger
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Problems with having a big country

  • Communication was difficult
  • Different time zones
  • Different religions
  • Different cultures
  • Different languages
  • Some people didn't even know what the Tsar was
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