Horemone production sequence



A Gene is a length of DNA that codes for a protein


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Step 1 : Example Insulin

mRNA copy the instructions (gene) for insulin is made in the nucleus.

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Step 2

mRNA leaves the nucleus through the nuclear pore.

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step 3

mRNA attaches itself to a ribosome in this case attached to the endoplasmic reticulum. The ribosome reads the instructions to assemble the protein.

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step 4

Insulin molecules are 'pinched off' in a vesicle and travels towards the golgi apparatus.

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step 5

vesicles fuse with the golgi apparatus

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step 6

The Golgi apparatus processes and re-packages the insulin molecules ready for release.

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Step 7

The packaged insulin molecules are pinched off in vesicles from the golgi apparatus and move towards the cell surface membrane.

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Step 8

The vesicles fuse with the cell  surface membrane .

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step 9

Cell surfrace membrane opens to release the insulin molecules outside. ready for use.

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