Cell cycle


Cell Cycle(http://chem3513-2007.pbworks.com/f/cellcycle.jpg)

The Stages of the Cell Cycle

The cell cycle is a repeated sequence of interphase, mitosis and cytokinesis.

The longest stage of the cycle is interphase, this is the first 3 phases of the cell cycle (G1, S and G2). During this phase cells carry out their normal activities such as protein synthesis. DNA is replicated.


Mitotis is made up of four stages; prophase, metaphase, anaphase and telophase. The four stages run into each other. Mitosis is significant as it produces new cells which are genetically identical to the parent cell. In mitosis, chromosomes are shared out equally between two daughter nuclei. Mitosis is the type of cell division used for growth and repair.



  • Chromosomes condense and become visible
  • Each chromosome is made up of two chromatids
  • Centriols move and spindle starts to form


  • Nuclear envelope disappears
  • Centrioles reach the…


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