History Unit 3 technique

A brief overview of the technique for each of the questions, perfect for last minute revision :)

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The paper

Remember it's a source paper so TECHNIQUE IS CRUCIAL!


You have 1hr and 15mins


You have to answer 5 questions

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Question 1

this question will ask you about what you can learn from a source.

It is worth 6 marks and you should aim to spend no more than 10 minutes on this question

You need to make two supported inferences

A good way to structure this question would be...

“One thing we can learn about _____ from Source A is………….” We can learn this because it says (QUOTE FROM THE SOURCE)

“Another thing we can learn about_______ from Source A is………..” We can learn this because it says (QUOTE FROM THE SOURCE)

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Question 2

this question will be asking you about the purpose of the source

It is worth 8 marks and you should aim to spend about 10minutes

to get the top marks on this question you need to talk about both message and purpose.

However, you can get about half marks by just talking about the message (what the source is litterally saying)

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Question 3

This question will as you to decide how far sources B and C agree with source A

It is worth 10 marks and you should spend about 15minutes on it

It is very simply a direct conparison between A and the other two sources

try to find points which agree and points which don't agree

Use phrases like 'strongly agree/disagree' to get the top marks


to get the top marks it is often a good idea to say which source supports A more as it helps to show the extent of agreement

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Question 4

This question is about how useful the sources are

It is worth 10 marks and you should spend about 15 minutes on it

You need to explain how useful the source is in terms of content and in terms of NOP (nature, origin and purpose)

You need to cover both these areas for both sources

Try to mention limitations e.g. typicality

Sometimes the question will ask about reliability but the technique is the same, just more focused

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Question 5

This question will give you a statement and ask you how far the sources support it

It is the biggest question in the paper, worth 16 marks and you'll need to spend at least 20 minutes on it

Go through each of the sources and desribe how far each one agrees with the statement


try to write about both sides of the argument

don't forget a conclusion about if the sources appear to agree or disagree, think especially about reliability in this part

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Key things to remember

1. Try to use Own Knowledge where you are asked to do so 2. Explain your points, OFTEN USING QUOTES FROM SOURCES 3. Apply the techniques that we focused on in lessons and are reinforced here- BE AWARE OF THE EXPECTATIONS OF EACH QUESTION 4. Don’t be fazed if the question seems obscure and you don’t think you are expert on the content- the exam board does this sometimes and it forces you to focus on the sources which is a GOOD THING

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are you sure for your tip for q3

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