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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

Edexcel history revision ­ unit 2
Unlike unit 3, in this exam content is very important and exam technique is not. However, it
is important to know what to expect

The questions

Q1A (4 Marks)
o Aim to spend 4 minutes on this one…

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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

o It'll give you a reason for a certain outcome and ask you if that was the most
important reason
o You are given 4 factors.
o You need to write about at least 3 of the factors but try to write about all…

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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

What was the impact of WW1 on the USA?

Reasons for optimism Reasons for pessimism
They had lent a lot of money Had to reduce consumption
No war damage Had to take out loans
They had won new export markets Businesses ran themselves

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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

The value of shares could change very fast depending on demand

If trading was `slow' shares could stay the same for months

In the 1920s shares went up because companies were making big profits

More people bought shares to sell them for a profit…

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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

o Women were seen smoking and drinking
o They were also accused of encouraging sex before marriage
Crimes were also seen on screen. They were thought to be setting a bad example
The hays code was set up to try and prevent films `lowering…

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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

Millions of ordinary people still wanted to drink
`Speakeasies' were illegal bars
`Moonshine' was sold- homemade alcohol
Gangsters started selling the illegal alcohol
They made so much money that they could bribe the police and judges
Gangs fought to control the city
On 14th…

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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

Unemployment went up from 880K to 2
Demand for consumerism had slowed down
million in 2 years
More efficient techniques meant less
Prices dropped due to overproduction
workers were needed
People moving from farms to cities couldn't Farmers couldn't sell abroad because of

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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

The effects of the depression

Some people lost everything whilst others were okay
For the poorest people ­ the blacks and the farmers ­ the depression didn't make
things much worse than they already were.
But they did find I even more difficult to…

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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

Young unemployed men went to camps where they would work and
get money to send home
Set up a authority to provide energy to the Tennessee Valley

Opponents to the new deal

o Still believed in lasses-faire
o They felt the…

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Edexcel History revision ­
unit 2

May 1935
o The `re-settlement act' set up new communities for the homeless
July 1935
o The Wagner act meant industries couldn't ban trades unions
o Roosevelt was re-elected

Taking on the Supreme Court

After Roosevelt's re-election he had more confidence to tackle…


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